Brand on Demand Feeder

Brand On Demand Feeder (BODF) with inkjet or labeler allows companies to pre-brand short runs of flat boxes from packaging suppliers.  The automation saves labor and increases quality by providing consistency of marking that does not depend on human labor.


By deferring the inkjet or labeling branding until use, companies can reduce their in-house inventory, space, and carrying costs. Modern high speed, high resolution labelers, and inkjet printers can be used to print artwork, scannable 1D and 2D bar codes and human-readable labels in as small of a lot size as desired. To support this need, StreamTech has leveraged its experience handling slip sheets and tier sheets for robotic systems in developing the Brand-on-Demand Feeder (BODF).™


On-demand printing leverages electronic storage of branding media as needed to store labels allowing you near instantaneous change-over. When used with labelers, the system can seamlessly provide corner-wrap for typical compliance label needs. By arranging inkjet printers on both sides of the outfeed, it is possible to print on all six faces of a knocked down box simultaneously.

StreamTech Engneering Brand on Demand

Labeling boxes via the BODF is easier than using a troublesome swing-arm and other complex accessories and allows customers to quickly change between locations and formats while reducing the required labeler investment. The simplistic, rugged design provides for simple changeovers, minimal maintenance, and a long useful life. BODF offers a wider range of box sizes than competitive models; the ‘HD’ version can accommodate a knocked-down box width of up to 70 in. With the enhanced communications package, an operator can select the labels from a recipe which automatically adjusts feed speeds, lateral label or inkjet location, and length of run.


The Brand on Demand Feeder is controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC which ensures the greatest level of future compatibility and support. A variety of sensors are used to help operator situational awareness with bin level, machine status, back up and other conditions.  Optional exit trays catch the printed cases. Free factory testing of customer product to allow the system to be ‘dialed-in’ prior to shipment is included with every order. The base feeder is popular with those who may prefer to purchase the feeder by itself and integrate their own marking system.