Conveyor Controls

StreamTech designs, builds, commissions and supports advanced automation controls systems for end users, as well as resellers using Allen-Bradley PLCs and our advanced WCS software. 

Controls Services 

  • Low voltage MDR as well as traditional conveyor systems

  • High speed sortation: Slat, Narrow Belt, Tilt Tray, ARB, etc.

  • Integrate Scan, OCR, Machine Vision, RFID, Print-and-Apply Labeling, Scales, Dimensioners, Inkjet systems

  • Clean architecture for easy troubleshooting of PLC and PC 

  • Validate system designs for distributor partners

  • Complete panel drawings and system schematics with bill of equipment for every project

  • Real-time remote support without the security issues of connecting through customer VPN

  • Simulations and emulations

  • UL Listing available

UL Listed StreamTech Engineering

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

StreamTech uses color HMIs extensively to provide additional intuitiveness and ease of maintenance and operations.  A wide variety of statistical information can be presented in an easy to grasp format such as charts and graphs.  PLC settings can be adjusted without the need for expensive PLC software by qualified maintenance personnel. 

StreamTech Engineerng HMI Screen