Performance to Speed Logistics: TGW Ermanco is a world leader in the design, manufacture and integration of very large conveyor and AS/RS logistics systems worldwide.  TGW leverages thousands of implementations with unique, maintenance saving features and an unusual 2-year, multi-shift warranty, at a reasonable cost.


IntelliROL TGW conveyors are the state-of-the art in low voltage conveyor – quiet, low parts count, easy to maintain, safe and easy to install.   Conveyors have pre-fitted power and control wiring.  Dramatically low utilities cost comes from wake-up zone technology and the quietest, most efficient motor driven rollers in the industry.  Zone controls support both singulation as well as progressive or “slug” accumulation. Two different versions are available, standard accumulation style and a lower-cost transportation version.  Belted zones and tight roller centers are available.

  • Quietest & most efficient MDR in the industry

  • Low Parts count, simple to maintain

  • All high-precision roller bearings

  • Optional aesthetic shrouds

  • Itoh smart accumulation drive cards

  • 24″ or 30″ long zones

  • Standard Widths: 18″ – 24″ – 30″ – 34″

  • Belted and Incline sections available

  • Lower cost transportation mode available

  • Product Code: TG-ITR


A complete redesign of a warehouse staple that redefines a belt conveyor. 2.5″ diameter transition end pulleys handle today’s e-commerce products with ease. Pre-engineered nose-unders and nose-overs make installation a snap, especially since there is no need to install multiple belts.  Belts rarely require any tracking but when they do, it’s easily accomplished by one person from one side of the conveyor.  High quality longitudinal belts control product well and provide minimal noise even at very high speeds. Pre-engineered incline transitions allow for smooth conveyance through inclines and declines and minimizes installation time.  Short, end drive versions are available.​

  • 7″ deep frames

  • One piece modular noseovers

  • Single belt design

  • 2.5″ high precision transition pulleys

  • Maintenace-friendly belt tracking design

  • Self-aligning belt takeup

  • Pre-squared conveyor beds

  • Ultra High-efficiency helical bevel gearmotor

  • Product Code: TG-CRUZ


TGW [Ermanco] patented the lineshaft conveyor design nearly 50 years ago, and it is still a benchmark for quiet, clean, efficient operation.  Multiple copycats have tried with less that great success to emulate the design.  Lineshaft conveyor allows the powering of multiple spurs, curves, and merges all off of the same line saving cost and energy.  Can be used for clean room situations. In the right application it is a very viable choice of equipment for modern order fulfillment centers.  Has a unique five year warranty on lineshaft specific components, in addition to the standard warranty.​

  • Very quiet – all rollers under slight tension

  • 5-Year Warranty on lineshaft components

  • Minimal number of drives required

  • Can be used in clean-room applications

  • Add or subtract bed lengths easily

  • Speed-up & slow down rollers

  • Drive location flexibility

  • No belts to track

  • Open, simple design

  • Product Code: TG-XR40


Transfers are used to merge and/or divert product onto and from roller conveyors especially MDR and lineshaft conveyors.  Pick Zone Modules (PZM) are a special high speed adaptation of transfers offering speeds up to 30-40 cases per minute.  Transfers are typically accomplished on urethane belts or wheels and can be an a shallow angle or a full right-angle 90 degrees.  Transfers are engineered to prevent “rolling off” of the belts at higher speeds. For MDR transfers, the drive cards are all pre-mounted allowing for ease of installation and control.

  • Bi-Directional Transfers available

  • Design protects urethane bands from “rolling”

  • Side wings on PZM have wheels for fast transfer

  • Pre-wired and plumbed for easy installation

  • Induction conveyors available

  • Integrates with Lineshaft and IntelliROL product lines

  • Product Code: TG-UBT


TGW [Ermanco] invented and patented the Narrow Belt sorter and today improvements help keep it above and beyond competitive models.  Products on the moving belt have zero relative motion, enhancing accuracy.  Each carrying belt has its own takeup, to provide for long life and low maintenance.  Both right-angle and oblique style diverts are available, as shown below on a test conveyor.  An open design allows for debris to fall through enhancing cleanliness.  Much lower noise and maintenance requirements than for sliding-shoe style sorters. For very high speed applications, the patented “Wave” technology (available at a reasonable price) allows for dynamic gapping between products and as a result, much higher throughputs, even at moderate speeds.  Small-item versions are especially attractive for e-commerce applications.

  • Up to 65 cpm (NBS90) 100 cpm (NBS30), 170 cpm (NBS30-Wave)

  • Small item version available, NBS90SP down to 4″ x 4″ product

  • Speeds up to 450 fpm

  • Maximum lengths up to 200 ft.

  • Maximum product size up to 75 lb.

  • Demonstration / Testing available

  • Product Code: TG-NBS

StreamTech Engineering TGW Conveyor
StreamTech Engineering TGW Conveyor
StreamTech Engineering TGW Conveyor
StreamTech Engineering TGW Conveyor
StreamTech Engineering TGW Conveyor