Now patented - automate custom plain paper packslip collateral to open-box orders prior to or after order picking. FoldSerter™ identifies the package, prints and folds the collateral in real-time and automatically verifies the packslip against the carton to achieve the 'perfect order'.  The simple design provides high throughput, multi-page capability and simpler than competitive systems.

FoldSerter Features

  • Automatically "C" or “Z” fold every invoice

  • 100% scan verification (each page)

  • Standard Media Tray 1,500 sheets

  • Expanded Media trays available

  • Numerous maintenance friendly features

  • Up to 1,000 CPH per line

  • Breeze tunnels for box height variance

  • Verification muting for exception pages

  • Exception handling and standard reports

  • Typical footprint 10 ft. long

  • Operate in groups for redundancy or speed

  • Server-side software parsing to multiple lines

FoldSerter Benefits

  • Uses standard 8.5 x 11 in. paper

  • Great for multi-page and other verbose collateral requirements (e.g. government, military, aerospace, etc.)

  • Defer paperwork until the correct, completed docs can be inserted as the very last step in the process.

  • Verify every page and parity check with box

  • Easy maintenance and diagnostics via StreamTech WCS

  • Less complex than competitive systems

  • Non-proprietary parts