The growth of flats, polybags, and bubble mailers as a preferred alternative to cardboard boxes has created challenges for conventional sorting equipment.  Modsort provides an all-electric solution to handling a wide variety of form factors, in a compact footprint.


The MODSORT utilizes the System Plast™ 2253RT roller top belt, which allows it to transfer and divert packages. The sphere’s vector speed, direction, and 1-inch, on-center sphere array allow for very small packages to be diverted.


The station can divert in a continuous motion or stop and divert at a true 90-degree angle. The MODSORT is ideal for polybags, small packages and also easily handles boxes.


MODSORT stations can be placed end to end to create a medium-rate sorter or integrated with conveyors to create transfer stations within conveyor systems. Customization is possible for picking and packing stations within the modern distribution center. Additionally, retrofitting the station into existing conveyor systems is also possible.

​Features and Benefits


  • Motorized Drive Rollers (MDR) and controls that employ run-on-demand

  • technology

  • 24-volt DC motor and controls that allow flexibility in wiring and control

  • The ability to divert exceptionally small packages and boxes

  • No pneumatics, lifts or Z-direction position feedback devices are needed

  • Safe, energy-efficient, quiet and low-maintenance operation

  • Controls that allow standalone programming or can interface to a PLC via network


  • Polybags, bubble mailers, flats.  (Sorts boxes too)

  • Compact applications

  • Moderate speed 30 to 40 items per minute, depending on size

  • Applications where compressed air is unavailable