Join us at ProMatDX to see how StreamTech's intelligent automation systems can help you tackle some of the biggest challenges in e-commerce order fulfillment, and help you improve speed, order accuracy and labor allocation.

We'll be demonstrating our proprietary pack station automation and all-in-one shipping solutions, along with our controls and StreamTech WCS software.  These can be incorporated as point solutions - or as part of one of our complete engineered order fulfillment / distribution systems.

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StreamTech Sprinter™ All-In-One Weigh, Dimension, Print and Apply Ship System
Tuesday, April 13  |  2:45 PM - 3:00 PM  CST

In this session we'll explore the StreamTech Sprinter™ system as the logical addition to a parcel fulfillment operation-- either as stand-alone automation or as the starting point for expanded capabilities.  

The pre-engineered, all-in-one Sprinter™ automates manual tasks, combines dedicated ship stations, eliminates errors, and increases throughput to help you meet your carrier cutoff times. The system dimensions, weighs, auto manifests and verifies carrier labels, and sorts by carrier. 

Sprinter™ provides a low cost entry for operations with throughput starting at 1,000 cartons per hour, but easily upgrades to higher speeds and with our other pick and pack station automation solutions. Customers also appreciate Sprinter™ as an expandable warehouse control system solution. 

StreamTech Pack Automation Solutions: Document Print & Insert, Marketing Collateral, Integrated Packslip Labels
Thursday, April 15  |  2:15 PM - 2:30 PM CST

For most operations, Pack Station Automation represents a massive opportunity to reduce touch labor, increase quality and help make fulfillment centers even more profitable. The Foldserter™  Print-Fold-Insert system provides a high-throughput solution for plain paper invoices and packslips. 


Our Thermserter™ and CardSerter™ round out a family of "Open Box" tools integrated with StreamTech's Warehouse Control System (WCS), enabling our customers to speed orders through the Pack process with built-in quality verification.


In the second part of the session, we'll explore other solutions including "Closed Box" tools like integrated packslip labels and some real world applications. 

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