Open Box/Stealth Manifesting Solution

A customer needed a customized Sprinter to manifest flat items that are shrink wrapped and packed in a pizza style box. The process did not lend itself the usual exterior identification label, which would have created additional steps and cost. However, information to process the order was available on the packslip/invoice that was shrink wrapped to the product. To maintain the process the company had of keeping the box open until the end of the we had to come up with a way to scan the identification label inside the box.

StreamTech designed an innovative open-box process whereby after packing the order, the operator inserts the open hinged flap in a rail system. This allows the contents of the box to be read via camera-based scanners. These scanners have the ability to read random orientations through shrink wrap. A backstop is used behind the hinged lid to help support it so that the label can be applied with the lid open. StreamTech weighs and dimensions the parcel and communicates with the customer's shipping carriers. After carrier label application, the lid is guided to a closed position.