Sprinter’-ing Out the Door at Days’ End

Problem: An eyeglass fulfillment operation was struggling to get its’ daily orders out to 500+ stores throughout the US and Canada on time. Several full-time employees fulfilling the manifesting could not keep up which in part resulted in many manual errors. On typical days, the backlog wrapped back 80 feet to the packing area thus making the whole operation less efficient.

Solution: StreamTech provided a complete bolt-on addition to the customer’s UPS Worldship application. Instead of a unique order ID or license plate, each carton had a label that simply represented a store. StreamTech also included customized end-of-day reporting. Overall the system helped the customer gain the following benefits:

  • Removing non-value added manifesting labor

  • Eliminating manual weighing and dimensioning errors

  • Clearing up backlog

  • Reclaiming floor space from many manual workstations

  • Allowing the customer supervisors to leave on-time and get home to their families.

The local conveyor integrator noted how easily the Sprinter™ was able to control adjacent conveyors for seamless automation. Another system is on order for a second facility!

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