“Lights Out” Cross Docking

StreamTech recently delivered a high speed labeling system for an apparel fulfillment company. Throughout the day full-case store orders of up to 3,600 per hour are slated for cross docking.

As soon as the orders are received at the dock, Manhattan WMS looks up the order information and the correct store delivery point. While the carton speeds through the network of conveyor, StreamTech WCS receives notice the carton is to arrive. There are three pertinent actions StreamTech needs to complete to ensure 100% quality:

-Scan 3 sides of the case for identification

-Marry and apply the correct cross docking label

-Redundant parity check

Exceptions are diverted to a hospital lane.

The system operates on an unattended mezzanine. It signals operators as to its status so they can be notified to refill consumables. In the case that there is a problem or media exhaustion, StreamTech takes a labeler offline automatically and re-distributes the load between the remaining labelers. With expansion, the system will operate at nearly 5,000 boxes per hour. Additional features that StreamTech implements include:

-High speed, lights out automation -Remote support monitoring and automated service requests -Multi-sided Scan tunnel -Integration with Manhattan WMS

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