New Kids On The Block : MHI Solutions Community

We are excited to announce we have been accepted as the newest member of the

MHI Solutions Community

MHI Solutions Community! We can't wait to join the Industry’s thought leaders on automation, software, hardware, equipment, and services that support a fully integrated supply chain.

About the Solutions Community

The Solutions Community is a combined group of suppliers, integrators, consultants, media, academia, and users. This segment provides MHI a centralized place to better address the complex challenges within the supply chain industry. The group collaborates on solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector. The philosophy of the Solutions Community is to support MHI’s mission of providing a unique venue where suppliers of material handling equipment and technology can collaboratively work with the user community to improve the marketplace for all.

Goals of the Solutions Community include:

• Identifying, developing, and disseminating forward-looking value propositions for Material Handling and Supply Chain practitioners

• Identifying market trends and challenges in Material Handling and Supply Chain operations to develop timely and relevant solutions

• Providing a forum for discussion of business and technology trends

• Establishing strong connections between Members of the Group with the community of Supply Chain and Material Handling product and service providers, as well as organizations and individuals interested in Solutions Community activities

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