Sprinter™ Shipping System


Pre-engineered, automated All-in-One Scan, Weigh, Dimension and Print-Apply Shipping Station that integrates with your ERP and multi-carrier system to eliminate direct labor, increase quality, and replace up to 4-6 manual shipping stations.


Compared to 'one off' systems, the StreamTech Sprinter™ is cost-efficient, dramatically quicker to implement and to support.

Sprinter WCS Software

StreamTech bundles our operational and maintenance know-how in the onboard software app that comes on the included Windows Pro 64-bit SSD PC, with rich functionality that supports troubleshooting and enhances uptime. The software easily integrates with rules-based multi-carrier systems or direct carrier interface.

  • Extensive troubleshooting built-in to system

  • Smart Filtering of Label Files

  • Expandable for growing customers

  • Rich scan, production and maintenance statistics with configurable retention, Boolean lookup/search

  • Server based thin client solutions available

  • Backup UPS included to protect PC and SQL database

  • One-year unlimited technical support included in price

  • Software specification document and free sample interface simulation software available 

  • Multi-Level Security, Multi-User Login

Machine Control

Control is provided by an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, which is easily expandable to manage additional automation.  Its open architecture means that end users are able to support themselves if desired. For stand-alone applications, Sprinter™ is normally simply provided with a grounded cord so it can simply be plugged in, simplifying installation and start-up.

  • Add diverters, merges, etc.

  • open, standard PLC architecture

  • all devices IP-addressable for instant world-class support

  • easily modified and expanded; can be extended to low cost system control of reseller conveyor equipment

  • EWON remote support router included (eliminates need to go through VPN)

Specification Summary

  • Includes: PC, Software, PLC Controls, Conveyor, Scale, Scanners, Back-up UPS  

  • Throughput: Up to 1,080 cartons per hour, based on and limited by host response

  • Std. Box Sizes 9 x 6 x 1 in. up to 27 x 20 x 20 in.

  • Box height variation: 14 in. standard, 22 in. optional

  • Overall System Size – 10 ft. long standard

  • Electrical – 120VAC, single phase 60 Hz, 6 Amps

  • Pneumatic requirements – None

  • Meets UL, NTEP, Measurement Canada



  • Belted zones for extra small and non-flat items

  • Automated Packslip: Thermal or Plain Paper

  • Flat, Polybag and Mailer capability

  • Dimensioner / Dimweight sensing

  • Optional Widths and Zone Lengths

  • Downstream Sortation


"Sprinter saves us the equivalent of 4 full time employees from our Pack and Ship processes, and it paid for itself in 7 months."


Tom Casad, President