Get the paperwork correct and eliminate manual printing!


The ThermSerter™ automates custom thermal printed invoice and pack slip collateral to open-box fulfillment orders prior to or after order picking.  A simple, low maintenance operation provides for a minimal footprint. The system includes automated parity verification of the order against the invoice or pack slip.

Thermserter Features

The system includes a thermal printer, cutter, custom chute with redundant scanning of packslip and carton, integration with StreamTech WCS, brush-based delivery, color HMI, status LEDs, and mounting structure.


Available Options: 

  • StreamTech server-side parsing to multiple

  • Can operate in groups for redundancy or speed

  • Typical footprint (with conveyor) 5 ft. long 

  • Exception handling and statistical reports

  • Host Interface, Maintenance and Diagnostics via StreamTech WCS software

  • Real-time Packslip scan check

  • Breeze tunnels for box height variance

  • Throughput up to 1,200 cases per hour per line

  • Small box capable - Jewelry, Electronics, Watches, etc.

  • Auto-variable length – customized invoice size per order 

  • 4” wide, 6" wide and other widths available line